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Bodyfocus Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in Rhodes & North Ryde


Bodyfocus Physiotherapy at Rhodes and North Ryde is the leading physiotherapy and sport injury clinic in Rhodes. Recently, we have added a second clinic in North Ryde / Macquarie Park and are pleased to service a greater area of Sydney with quality, industry leading physiotherapy and sports injury clinic. Our clinics boast the complimentary health services of massage therapy, podiatry, chiropractic and exercise physiology.

The thing that we do best is help our clients enjoy pain-free physical capacity and performance. Our clients include local and international level athletes, weekend warriors, budding handymen, loving grandparents, UFC fighters, martial artists. In fact, there isn’t an injury that we haven’t seen yet.


Our years of clinical experience has taught us that patients largely have 3 main problems.

    • They feel FRUSTRATED that their pain is not going away and keeping them away from the things they love.
    • They are STRESSED out that they cannot participate or perform at their best.
    • They are CONCERNED that there problem will not go away. 


We believe that cutting edge treatments should not be exclusive to the professional athlete only and rather be available to all. Afterall, we understand that everyone deserves a speedy, effective and permanent recovery. Whatever your sporting or lifestyle requirements may be, we can tailor a working solution for you so that you get back to doing what you love in the shortest amount of time possible.


As we ourselves are proponents of a healthy active lifestyle, we know exactly how important making a full recovery is. It is not only a physical thing, but also a psychological thing. Being injured ultimately affects all facets of our lives, so it is paramount to achieve recovery as quickly as possible. Let us guide you every step of the way.

Bodyfocus Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics have highly skilled & motivated Physiotherapists and complimentary allied health professionals in the fields of chiropractic, podiatry, massage and exercise physiology. Our ever growing clinics have continued to develop under the influence of our staff, our clients, referring Doctors and health professionals we serve. Every day we express our values and ethics in the way we work to help people get back on track after injury.

Our history

We have 2 convenient Sydney physiotherapy clinic locations in Rhodes and Macquarie Park / North Ryde.

From the beginning

Bodyfocus Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic opened its first practice in 1999 at Auburn. Using a philosophy of one-on-one patient care, coupled with good client education, the practice grew rapidly. Strong links were developed with members of the local community as well as local doctors and health care providers.

Following this success, our second satellite clinic opened in 2000 at Auburn, followed by Merrylands in 2001. By 2004, Bodyfocus Physiotherapy was embarking on a new era with a major focus on rehabilitation & complimentary allied health. Our first mutli-disciplinary health clinic was opened in Rhodes that same year. Expansion has followed since to Macquarie Park / North Ryde business park.

The Bodyfocus difference

Our therapists combine hands on therapy with a focus on pilates based strengthening. Coupled with this is our expertise in educating clients how to manage their own complaints through at home exercises between visits to our clinic.

We utilise the McKenzie method of spine assessment, diagnosis and treatment which helps clients not only quickly alleviate their pain, but gain and keep control of their problem long into the future.

Our care for clients focuses on listening to their problems and finding the quickest solutions to alleviate pain and begin the healing process.

We provide thorough half hour appointments as a minimum standard and one-on-one attention to fix your problem.

For clients that find it difficult to attend appointments during standard business hours, we offer after hours appointments 6 days a week. Home & Workplace visits are also offered to people unable to visit one of our practice locations.

Bodyfocus Physiotherapy Philosophies

Our Clients

Our team takes an ethical and considered approach to the way we treat our clients, how we operate as a business and our interaction as a member of the community.

We recognise each client is an individual, deserving a service that meets their unique aims and needs. By putting their needs first allows us to achieve their best outcome in returning back to full physical health.

We do this by following our core principles:

    • Minimum half hour appointments
    • One-on-one attention during your session
    • Focusing on Hands-on-Therapy
    • Educating clients on their problem and how they can also help fix it
    • Provide a wide range of services to meet all needs
    • Being up to date with our knowledge and skills
    • Respecting our clients’ privacy and level of comfort


Bodyfocus Physiotherapy value referrals received from a wide range of doctors, practitioners and health care professionals across Sydney.

Our team members place much importance on communicating clearly and regularly back to these professionals to ensure they remain informed about their client’s progress. Prompt appointments and service has always been critical to ensure our referrers also trust the quality we provide to their own patients.

Our staff

Bodyfocus Physio’s cornerstone of high quality service is our staff’s professionalism, fostered through in-house support and education programs, as well as strong support for continuing education.

Our environment

Our clinic locations work in ways that are both respectful and enhance our work environment, as well as the wider environment that we all share and live in.

We have put in place processes to retrofit our existing practice locations, and have policies to guide a low environmental impact for future locations as our practice grows.

Guidelines for recycling and minimisation of waste, low energy consumption and low impact materials/chemicals in the workplace are all embraced.

Our Rhodes location is located within the Rhodes Shopping Centre on level 8, above the cinemas and foodcourt. We are easily accessible by car, train or bus. Plenty of free patient parking is available. We service the Rhodes, Concord West, Liberty Grove, North Ryde, Putney, Homebush Bay, Newington, North Strathfield, Breakfast Point, Concord, Ermington, Wentworth Point and Ryde communities.

Our newest location in the suburb of North RydeMacquarie Park is located at Shop 3, 6 Eden Park Drive, located within the centre of the busy Macquarie Park / North Ryde business parks. From this location, we service the surrounding Ryde, Lane Cove, Epping and Marsfield communities.

Our core focus is to eliminate pain and restore optimal physical performance in every person we touch.

We take great pride in delivering exceptionally high standards of treatment. Our staff evaluates each patient’s health, offering personalized treatment programs based on individualized patient circumstances. Our treatment plans help patients return to their normal daily activities or beyond. Taking a proactive approach to healthcare, we look beyond current function and empower patients with the knowledge and skills to maintain optimal health in the future.

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